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Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

In the age of information, any business, nonprofit organization, government agency, or other organization that does not have as much knowledge in cultural competency as possible, is at a clear disadvantage. They risk financial loss, poorly performing departments, a global disadvantage, and a failure to meet overall performance goals.

Our results consider emotional intelligence and interpersonal drivers of success for your organization, in order to increase efficiency and profitability.

Small World Solutions Inc. is based in Florida, and we do highly interactive presentations and trainings, specializing in diversity and inclusion programs. Adding value to your organization by boosting morale and increasing productivity

WHY? Because we are Samaritans at work. 

Small World
Solutions, Inc.

Established by Arnold Smalley AKA Arnel Smalls in 2017. We are a Corporate/Government Training Business to handle all of your compliance trainings, Diversity, Customer Service, Sexual Harassment and multiple other related topics.

Arnold Smalley, International Speaker &
CEO of Small World Solutions, Inc.

Arnold Smalley also known as Arnel Smalls, retired from the Department of Justice, after serving 25 years as a Government Special Agent. Mr. Smalley retired with a wealth of stories from personal experiences, he has gained excellent skills in the art of overcoming adversity and conflict resolution. In order to share these experiences Mr. Smalley started the business called Small World Solutions Inc. They provide programs that are motivational, inspirational, highly interactive and innovative. Programs can include the following: Diversity; Inclusion; Conflict Resolution; Customer Service; Prevention of Sexual Harassment; Prevention of Workplace Violence; Leadership and other related topics. So, if your company has a need or an issue, then let Small World be your Solution. "Why?" Because we are Samaritans at work.

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